Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Please Take Time to Read this Post

     Dear Friends and Family,

               It has been a while since I have posted anything and we have had some exciting news. We were recently ask to be the Survivor Family to be honored at Northwest Arkansas Heart Ball this year. All the money raised goes to the American Heart Association. It brings tears to my eyes to think we get the opportunity to help give back to an Awesome Community and to such an Amazing Organization. We have always been supporters of the American Heart Association and all those years never did it enter my mind that we would actually be the ones that would be on the other end benefiting from the medical equipment that this Association helps facilitate in Doctor's offices and Hospitals. We were ask as a family because it was not just Ryder's journey, this was a family journey and we were all one another's rock during the scariest time of our lives. Ryder's twin brother was greatly affected by it and is Ryder Jack's Biggest Fan. Not a day goes by that I do not look at Ryder's scar and smile and it brings tears because that scar is etched in all four of us not just Ryder.
       I understand that there are tons of organizations that raise money and are doing amazing things but for a moment I want you to think of who in your life has been affected by Heart Disease? Stroke? Just think of those individuals that you adore so much...The money raised is helping people just like them. As I put in the following story that hopefully you will take time to read below, it was because of money raised by individuals like you that the blood pressure machine was in our Doctor's office which helped save Ryder's life. http://nwaheartball.ahaevents.org/roarkboys

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  1. Your family is so blessed that the Doctor caught this early. Your boys are so cute and I love seeing their pictures.The American Heart Association is a great organization to donate too!! I have had heart problems for 10 years now,have 4 stents and hope and pray that I will continue to do well !!! So happy for your families blessings with Ryder!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year