Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A year since Ryder's Diagnosis...A Post from this Momma's Heart

          It has been a year since our sweet Ryder was diagnosed with a Congenital Heart Defect and almost a year since his heart surgery. Now a year later our family has been super busy out telling our story and raising awareness for Ryder's condition. When I think about the fact that if this was not detected a year ago and that their is a chance Ryder may not be here today if it was not caught I can't help but want to yell to the mountaintops to all families and parents to be aware of this condition and make sure your pediatrician is checking your child's blood pressure at check ups. If they do not... just ask and they will. Heart disease is real and is a silent killer to so many. One night when I was at Arkansas Children's Hospital laying next to Ryder watching him sleep restlessly I prayed to God to please please help our baby and I made a pact with him that I would do all in my power to make a difference and raise awareness. I knew God was working in me through the entire process. Many people have ask me how was I so calm during it answer is by the Grace of God! He carried our family through it and I believe he did to be able to do the things we are now.
   Last week we went to a style show practice for a style show for the Go Red for Women luncheon. At that practice, Ryder ran up to say hi to a young boy he did not even know named Ryley. He was chatting Ryley up in regular Ryder fashion. Tears began streaming. I knew Ryley's story and I knew Ryder's and to see them together...2 Walking Miracles! Ryley had a massive stroke on July 8, 2013 at football practice. Ryley is such an inspiration. He walked the runway last week at the Go Red Event with his precious dog and truly chills came over me. We also met several other beautiful people that had heart transplants and it was just amazing to see how well all of these people are doing. Everyone has their story and their WHY and it was a beautiful experience to see all of them together.

      On Thursday of last week our family was invited to Sonora Middle School in Springdale, AR for a Valentine Program that the school dedicated to Ryder. Ryder told his story to over 800 students and teachers and then the choir sang a beautiful song to Ryder. After the program Channel 5 News interviewed Ryder and our family and it aired last week. If you have not seen it go to:  A special thanks to our friend and principal of Sonora, Shawna Lyons for inviting us and making it a special day we will never forget. Also Peekaboo Magazine was so precious to ask me to share our story which you can read online:

    As I look at the picture below of Ryder last year at this time and all of the unknowns about his condition and about Cardiac problems in general and look at what all we are doing with it now, I cry Happy Happy Tears that God has helped me keep my promise I made to him that late night in the hospital last February. God is Faithful and He is Determined! Today I ask that you take a moment out of your day to pray for someone you know with Heart Disease. It is real and without Amazing Doctors and the support and research from the American Heart Association I just do not know where we would be today. I leave you with these photos and our video of our story on YouTube. God Bless and thank you for taking the time to read.

  If you have not seen our story on You Tube, please take time to watch and share it with someone today....awareness is key!!!

All my blessings,

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