Sunday, February 23, 2014

My Introduction to the Blogging World and Our Journey

       Hello Fellow Bloggers! Please be patient with me as this is all very new to me! I have wanted to blog for many years but just never quite found the time. I am not much of a writer, I love to journal but that is different when it is just you proofreading! My name is Casey and I have been married to Roman for 14 years.  Roman and I struggled with infertility for several years and finally decided along with Doctors that IVF was are only chance at having a family. We embarked on that journey and we were pregnant our first round and found out at 8 weeks we were pregnant with Twins! On September 29, 2009 we witnessed TWO Miracles from God. Rowe James, Our firstborn by 1 minute has the Kindest Spirit, Most Loving Soul, He is very soft spoken and shy.

Rowe is very protective of his brother Ryder. Ryder Jack was born 1 minute later. Ryder has a spirit like no other, The child Never meets a Stranger and is the First to run and give you a hug... He is also quite the Entertainer.

Rowe was born 5lbs, 5 Ounces and Ryder 4lbs, 4 ounces. Both were born Healthy and only in the hospital for 8 days.


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