Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Testing Day at ACH

Meet Ryder's New Patient Doll that the Child Life Specialist gave him today. He named his doll Eneal (FYI ... this is Ry's Imaginary Friends name) I knew the minute I ask him for some reason what his Patients name was that is would be Eneal! I have a slight suspicion that Eneal will be going back to surgery with him in the morning.

     This morning we arrived at ACH at 8:30 for testing and to meet the Cardiologist and Surgeon. Ryder's anxiety really kicked in on the way to the hospital and he was crying so hard for his bubba. He wanted Rowe there. When we got there we ask if Rowe could come and sit with him during test and they said Absolutely!!! Yaya and Sweet Papa brought Rowe up to be with Ry and it did settle his nerves quite a bit. The worst part for him was drawing the blood.... but I tell you this little guy is brave. He looked at all the pictures of the tubes that he will have tomorrow after surgery and it did not phase him one bit.
     When the Cardiologist came in to check on Ryder she said he has no pulse in his legs, His Coarctation is so severe and they said that is the explanation for his severe leg cramping at night. The amazing thing is that Ryder has Good Collaterals, Blood Vessels that have grown to spread blood to his extremities. I believe that is a MIRACLE from God to make sure that our baby survived. The Cardiologist said there is still a chance Ryder will have high blood pressure for several years but hopefully after that maybe not. We met with Dr. Michi, the surgeon,  and were very impressed with him. He is very professional and just gives you the facts, he also gives you a list of all the complications.... I listened but kind of want to pretend I did noThear them. Before Dr. Michi left Ryder said, "Please Fix Me." Dr. Michi smiled and said, "I will." It was so sweet and brought tears to mine and Roman's eyes. The POSITIVES that I want to focus on from today is that Ryder was so brave and kept saying he was going to be brave tomorrow. The Anesthesiologist said he may not have to have breathing tube after the surgery because of how healthy he looked and his age. Also the Cardiologist said that they have a scale of surgeries at ACH and the scale is 1-5 with 5 being the most complex. She said we consider this surgery a 2. What comfort that gave us. There are Risks with everything but God has had his hand in this from day one and with Your Prayers God will see this surgery through and Restore our Child to health. Please Pray tonight for our precious Ryder Jack, for him to not have any anxiety and pray for all of our family. Tomorrow is going to be tough as they wheel him back to OR so pray for Roman and I. PRAY PRAY PRAY!



  1. Praying for your little one and your family.

    (Casey, my name is Pam Wright Burke. You don't know me and Roman probably wouldn't remember me but I started babysitting him and Rod when Rod was just about your boys' age. Roman was ring-bearer in my first wedding in 1976.)

  2. Praying for Ryder, you, Roman and Rowe. We serve an awesome God who is in control. Love ya,
    Janet Buchanan

  3. Praying so hard for you guys...praying for peace

  4. Praying for your little guy. God will have His hands guiding the medical staff.

  5. Your name popped up in my FB newsfeed earlier this morning and I immediately thought, "I know her." As I started looking at your FB page, I realized...we connected through my blog over four years ago when we both were going through IVF. I don't know if you remember me or not. :) I shared your sweet boy's story on my FB this morning, asking friends to pray. I'm so thankful to hear Ryder's surgery went well. Susan Averitt is my husband's cousin...we love her...she is THE BEST. Love that she was able to be with Ryder in the OR. We're in LR if you need anything, don't hesitate to let me know!! Continuing to pray for Ryder. Jill Averitt