Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Successful surgery!


We are Praising God for a very successful surgery! Things went so very well and we are so thankful and just know that God had his hand in every nurse and surgeons hand today!!! I woke up this morning with such a peace so I knew that was God letting me know all would be well! I have literally trusted God from day one of his diagnosis and known
that he would walk us through this. He surely has. Shortly after surgery Roman and I got to go see Ryder and as other Heart moms had told me- it was a ha
rd sight to see at first and I know now what they are talking about. He has lots of tubes and monitors on him but his coloring looks amazing and his numbers are looking great! I have the frozen soundtrack playing on my phone by his ear and he is sleeping peacefully. God has answered all of our prayers today but please prayer warriors I ask you to not stop praying. We need to pray his blood pressure maintains where it needs to be and does not get too high
or too low! They say his pain will be more intense tomorrow and Friday so pray for him to not be in pain.
The amount of people that have visited, called, texted, FB messaged- you will NEVER know how much it means to our entire family! We feel so much love and prayers and what a comfort!!!! I have heard from people that I do not even know praying for Ryder- what a beautiful thing! In the hectic, crazy world it is so comforting to know how many people stand on God's Promise and Trust in Him and Glorify His Name!!!! I have had doctors and nurses say, thank you for your prayers during surgery. One Doctor said, we just turn it all over to God- how beautiful!!!! So thankful for every sweet path we have come across. More to come later- going to sit with my baby

Lots of Silly Laughs before Surgery and he has not even had the silly juice yet! So proud of our Tough Brave Boy! He was teary before Pastor Britt Skarda came back to pray over him and now all smiles! Britt is so special to our family and we are so thankful for the beautiful prayer he gave us this morning!

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