Friday, February 28, 2014

There are no words to express how joyful an Full my Heart is! I have been crying tears of joy and thankfulness all day and just telling God all day, "Father you knew it the entire time and you saved him and are showing us( Mom and Dad) that our little boy was Greater than we could have ever imagined- Brave and Powerful and Inspirational like No other! Yes there are much worse illnesses and God Knows We know how blessed we are and that it could be so much
worse but this baby has had a huge surgery and been poked on and had more tubes and drains than I have ever seen on someone and soared through it like a
SuperHero! Yes I know we know kids are resilient but this has been mind boggling- especially after our day yesterday.
   All day I have felt the same way I felt the day I became a Mommy to Rowe and Ryder.... I never knew my heart could love something so much and was just in Awe of the Miracles God Blessed Roman and I with. I have felt this same feeling of love and fullness today! The Doctors and Nurses here- when they leave after their 12 hour shift I h
ug them and cry as if my boys were leaving to go to College- this is the love you feel for these Angels!!! True Heavenly Angels that God Places in this Hospital.
  Arkansas Children's Hospital is kind of like walking into the Holy Land- it is wrapped with Gods Arms and all of his people and it is The Most Beautiful Experience!!! I have so much more to write but will more tomorrow- Thank you all for your prayers ande ePlease continue to Pray- God hears th
em and We feel them- God Bless All of You and always Remember Rejoice and Give Praise and Always have Hope!

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