Sunday, March 2, 2014

Prayers Needed For A Lower Blood Pressure.

 This is a pic with one of our Awesome nurses Shantay! She allowed us to wheel Ry down to see Rowe for the first time!

 Prayers Needed For A Lower Blood Pressure.
They want his blood pressure to stay at 120/50 - it has been high in the last 12 hours and is spiking even on medicine, so they are going to increase his dose and PLEASE Pray with us that this does the trick, if not they will have to switch medicines- I just do not want him having to be switched around on so many meds. Also this is going to keep us in hospital longer if blood pressure does not maintain. Please know Because of you all and your prayers he has sailed through all of this like a champ- He Looks Great and Everyone is floored at how well he is doing but we need these numbers to get better. We just all need to specifics to inform God of what to lay his hand on and heal. Thank you all Sooooo much for the prayers- we feel them and so does Ry! Blessings to you all!

Update--titrated  meds and BP is now 114/64
Keep Praying! God is hearing your prayers! Keep them going -will update again soon!

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