Thursday, March 13, 2014

Kiss Kover Update and the Kiss Cover Story

I am just so so Thankful for all of the donations of blankets for Kiss Kovers! You all have been so generous and I just can't thank you enough. I am still taking blankets and I will be happy to pick up from you as well so just let me know if you do not have time to drop off and I will come pick up.  I have had several people ask me what is the meaning of Kiss Kovers and what are they for? Before Ryder went to ACH, My Mom and the boys made the fleece tie blankets so that they would each have one and Mom told Ryder that everyone could kiss it before he went to surgery and it would bring him comfort, so both boys have called them Kiss Kovers since that time. During our stay in the hospital I noticed a HUGE need for blankets for parents and grandparents that stay for long periods of time in the hospital. The Hospital is great about passing out so many necessities and they do give you a blanket but it is a lightweight blanket and a comfy cuddly blanket is such a comfort. It is really cold in the hospital too and especially in the patient rooms so I just thought how nice a comfy blanket for all the sweet kiddos there as well....something that makes them think of something you would cuddle up on the sofa on at home. It is kind of like how some of us like to carry a pillow from our house when we travel because we sleep better and it brings comfort when in a strange place.... This is my point. So many of the parents come with nothing because they rode in the ambulance with their child or on the Angel Flight. Not only will these blankets be comfy but they also have one of our favorite verses on them to bring families comfort.
   One blanket that I can't wait to deliver is to a gorgeous baby that roomed next door to Ryder. I will need to keep her nameless but she is 5 months old and the most beautiful baby you have ever seen. Big Gorgeous Eyes and Hair that you can't imagine for 5 months old. I would just sit at her door at night and stare at her after Ry would fall asleep. I miss her, I can't wait to peek in on her next week. During our first few days I realized I never saw anyone in the room with her... She had lots of loving nurses but no family... I thought well surely as the weekend approaches family will roll in...I finally ask one of the nurses and no one had been to see her in 5 months. She had a surgery while we were there and no one was there for that. She has a trach that the vent is connected to and it appears she had Open Heart when she was itty bitty newborn. I certainly am not to judge any family, I have no idea what her family's situation is and I know that there are single parents out there that have to work and take care of other children. I just wish someone could have been there to kiss her forehead before her surgery and rub on her as she woke up.  I wake up in the middle of the night still thinking about her. When I would wake up at the hospital thinking about her I would go peek in and most of the time she was staring at the walls and smiling. At night sometimes in the hallway other parents and I would be crowded at the door wanting to get a peek and a smile from her. We would all just oooh and awe! She already has a big purpose- she is warming hearts that she does not even know. I know she is going to do something great in this maybe be a heart doctor or a fabulous nurse that has shown her the most love in the beginning stages of her life..I just know she has a purpose and a story to tell. Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift  2 Corinthians 9:15. You are one Precious Gift Baby Girl and Jesus Loves You.  One thing is for sure...I can't get her Kiss Kover to her Fast Enough!
  Thanks again for your continued support and prayers!


  1. I am speechless.....God has brought you to this place to do such good! And through this, we can all do good! God bless you..

  2. Thanks so much Julie. I do believe God put me in this place for a reason. I have definitely felt a calling from him to do for this Amazing Hospital and all of the patients and families!