Friday, March 7, 2014

I Will Praise You, O Lord, With All My Heart...

                                    I Will Praise You, O Lord, With All My Heart...Psalm 9:1
   Today we went to our first Checkup since Ryder's surgery and saw our Awesome Ped, Dr. Susan Averitt. Ryder's blood pressure was 120/75 and this is within the normal range for him. So we are so thankful. Ryder has lost 5 lbs so we are hoping his appetite increases more. He has always been tiny but Dr. Averitt wants him to gain some weight. She said if he has not gained in a month we may need to try Pediasure. Today was Dr. Seuss Day at Dr. Averitt's Clinic so this is his new shirt he is sporting! His scar looked great and I had her check where Ry's chest tube was and she said all looked really well and was healing excellent. We are just so thankful. Ryder does still have a murmur, we are hoping by the checkup on the 18th at ACH that will fade more and not be an issue. But as of now I just feel so blessed and so thankful that God has heart every prayer and held our hand through each step. It is a beautiful thing to feel that comfort of someone Greater than you give you such a peace.

                                                     Picture of Ryder Getting His Blood Pressure checked
Many of you have ask me so How is Ryder? Honestly it is quite amazing.... He is literally Running everywhere and Jumping, Occasionally he will sit down and say my stitches hurt or my heart surgery hurts. Especially when he and Rowe are fighting...he will Yell, ROWE...I just had Heart SUGERY!!!! AND he says it just like that! Here is a pic of him earlier doing Jumping Jacks on the coffee table( No I am not ok with them jumping on furniture but this went on while I was making them something to eat!
I have recently connected with several other Moms that their children are about to have the same surgery that Ry just had... I hope this gives you all Hope and a Smile!!!
And Just to be Real with all of you the next pic is basically how my house has looked since we have been home, but I would not trade it, just so glad we are home and our boys are back together
Yesterday one of our friends dropped off this Frozen Poster they made for Ryder and he carries it Everywhere!!!

We have been so blessed to have so many friends drop off dinners for us and it has been a huge help! Just can't thank you all enough for that!

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