Friday, March 7, 2014

Kiss Kovers

So there are several things I want to do for ACH but one need that I noticed during our stay there is BLANKETS!!! Like Cozy, Warm Blankets. Of course, they give you pillows and a lightweight blanket but they keep it so cool in the rooms and in the family rooms where families sleep and you just want something warm to cuddle up with. The patients need them as well. Anything that brings you a comfort of home is necessary. Some families are at ACH for Months, I met many of them. So this week Mom and I have been working on the fleece type blankets and bundling them up with a Kiss Kover Sticker...Kiss Kovers is what my boys call these type of blankets so that is what we went with. So I am planning on taking several of these up to the CVICU on the 18th when we go for Ryder's check up. Many of you have ask what can you do for us? Bring dinners, Help with Rowe, etc...If you would like to do something in Ryder's honor and something that would mean so much to us then maybe you could purchase an inexpensive fleece throw, they have them everywhere or if you would like to go and get the fleece material all you need to purchase is 3 yards and you can bring to me and between me, my Mom and Yaya we can make them. There are so many families that ride in the ambulance with their child and leave everything at home and may not have someone to bring them anything from home, so this is a warm touch that gives them comfort during a difficult time.
Here are pictures of what we have done with Ryder's sticker on it. Feel free to message me or call me or email me at if you have any questions or would like to help. Seriously though Walmart, Target and TJ Maxx have great throws that would work perfectly.
The sticker has a comforting verse for families as well, it is a verse we hold on tight to and feel very comforted by.

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