Wednesday, March 5, 2014


We are Home! Yesterday we were discharged around 12:30pm. It was a bittersweet leave. We were thankful Ry was healthy enough to go home, but you are a little afraid to leave all the nurses and doctors that know exactly what is going on and what to do. It was also tough to say goodbye to the other children and families. I was as emotional as I was the day the boys were born. At one point my Mom said, Case you are just a basket case! That is the only way to describe it. Tears flowing because God answered so many prayers for us during our stay there. Tears flowing hoping and praying that the other families will get to go home soon as well. Dr. Zarkaria, our Cardiologist dismissed us and said that she was shocked at how well Ryder had handled the surgery and that he must have a huge pain tolerance. I know that this is because of all of you praying like crazy for my boy!!! For the next two weeks Ryder really has to lay low( yeah right) but these are the orders and he can't be exposed to illness since his immune system is so weak from surgery. He will be at home and can't go to school until our appointment at ACH on March 18th and then we will know when he will have the green light to get out and about. There is hope that Ryder will hardly have any restrictions once he is fully recovered but we will have to wait and see. They also say after monitoring him within the next few months they will know if they will need to go back in and do a balloon around his heart but we are very hopeful this will not need to be done. I can't express how thankful we are to Dr. Michi and his team, all of the nurses, etc. at ACH. What a wonderful place. Here are some pics from Ryder's stay.
This is Ryder's Nurse Heather that we had the blessing of having for 2 days in a row. She was such a bright light to us and she has twin brothers so she knows all about twin boys! I will never forget the day Ry was in so much pain and she was helping him get out of bed and he fell into her chest and was crying and she stopped and put her arms around him and the hug and love that showed on her face was priceless, I of course started bawling. The next minute he was barking orders or all of us to stand in a single file line so he could sing Frozen to us!!! I am being totally serious! Needless to say we adore Heather and think she Rocks!
This is Ryder's Cardiologist, Dr. Zarkaria. She has the coolest accent and always walks around with a smile and loves children. She always was encouraging and could explain things to us so well. We are so grateful to her and glad she is in our lives.
Saturday I did not leave Ryder's side and about 6:30 that evening Roman came in, he had been playing with Rowe and he said Case you need to take Rowe to dinner and spend some time he is really needy of you. So we went and had a dinner date and then did Facetime with Ry and Daddy and made silly Faces. We talked for like 30 min. Praise God for technology. The boys were really missing one another. This was a night I will never forget.
Full Day of Visitors this Past Saturday. Some very Important Visitors. Ry was on Cloud Nine! The Great Grands came to see us. They are such a blessing to us. Uncle Marty and Aunt Nee Nee and Uncle Rods and Aunt Neecie. Lots of Fun times! Thanks so much to all of you for coming to see us. Meant so much to us. We love you all!
So Thankful to Pastor Britt for coming and praying over Ryder before his surgery and for coming to visit us on Saturday. Britt is very special to us as he was a former Pastor of ours and he Baptized our boys and he is just a special person in our lives. We were thankful for his visits and prayers.
I want to end this by thanking our dear friends Diane and Curt Green for allowing our parents and Rowe to stay at their beautiful home in Little Rock while we were in the hospital. It was so nice to go there and it was a comfort like home and for everyone to have a warm nice place to lay their head down. Diane and Curt are my Best Friend, Whitney's parents. They have been in my life for a very long time and I consider them like second parents. Thanks for being such a blessing to us. You know how much we love you all! This is all for now. I will update more in the morning. Blessings to you all

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